Apple Milan

Apple Piazza Liberty in Milan. The launch campaign.

I worked on the launch of the first italian Apple Store, with the team of Apple Italy and Apple Uk.

The campaign focused on the city of Milan and its creative potential, so the line is a question that reflects Milan’s restless spirit: What will you do tomorrow, Milan?


One question, 21 letters, 21 emerging artists.

Every day in Milan artists and designer reinvent the future. We asked 21 of them What they were going to do tomorrow and here’s their answers: 21 pieces of art, as a snapshot of the creative energies of the city.

The day of the launch

For the launch event, with a full domination of the Metro stop Duomo, all the pieces where shown entirely to the public. During the following month all the artists had their chance to show and tell their work in the Today At Apple program.

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