Emanuele Basso

Creative director and Graphic designer, based in Milan, Italy.

Just a few words.

My career started a few years ago in adv agencies in Italy. After graduating in an academy of Arts in Milan, I soon landed in one of the biggest giants of advertising: McCann Erickson.

There I learnt a communicative approach I still have now: always keep focus on the meaning of every sign in your piece of work, get rid of what’s unnecessary, impress your target.

The way I intended art direction has always been different from my colleagues’: I like to take care personally of every detail, graphic and typography.

After 8 years in McCann (Italy and Spain), I founded a small agency: Tita. The style of art direction for press campaign became famous in my Country, thanks to a massive use of crafting, illustration and papercut techniques.

But the research was not over, I left Tita after 3 years and opened The 6th studio. The 6th concentrates on communication and graphic design. That’s where I’m actually working as a Creative director, heading a team of 4 people.

In September 2017 I started to collaborate with Apple as a freelance art director, working for the launch of the new milanese Apple flagship store.

Check The 6th website  or my Linkedin page